Early in the year, a focus group was conducted,including only the voices of women. One day I was drinking with a group of homeless friends, when Nature called.I furtively though dutifully took care of my business behind a dumpster. As I was returning to my friends, I wondered what homeless women did when they felt the urge to pee, and the bathrooms were closed. I know a lot of homeless women, and I have heard their stories-some of them abjectly horrible. I have known several women-no exaggeration, who have been raped and beaten and found dead in lakes, abandoned buildings,and in dumpsters. On my way across the street to rejoin my friends,I thought about how women’s voices are sorely  lacking from  conversations about homelessness, People seldom think about women when they think about the homeless. Women are not considered  in much of the planning and development of most shelters, andRead More


NEW PLAN TO MANAGE THE HOMELESS DUMB,SAY HOMELESS 90 year old Arnold Abbott being cited for violating Broward County’s anti food sharing ordinance in Fort Lauderdale Florida.   BY JEFF WEINBERGER New Plan to Manage Homeless Is Dumb, Say Homeless When a coterie of about 15 homeless folk gathered two weeks ago on a balmy Monday evening under the copious canopy of a banyan tree in downtown Fort Lauderdale, the mood, if not quite funereal, was understandably somber. For six years, “the Tree” — located at the site of the long-abandoned city hall and fire station, on NW First Avenue, just north of the Broward Central Bus Terminal — has been well-known among homeless people as a place where they could meet with social workers who would direct them to services like shelters and drug-treatment centers. But on June 1, the Tree was declared off-limits by officials from Broward County,Read More