Food Justice

In the Land of Plenty, hunger remains part of our national landscape.

In the ongoing saga of St Petersburg Verses the Ants, we find food being used to manipulate the homeless into moving into desired zones and spaces.

The City would be happy if all  food services for the homeless were moved to the outskirts of the city or into St Vincent DePaul , the city’s chief collaborator in the warehousing of  the homeless.

Food justice is the feeding of everyone in America, regardless of their economic status.People should not be forced to eat out of garbage cans,or to sell their bodies for food,or be forced to undergo long religious ceremonies in exchange for a full stomach.

We serve restaurant quality food every time we host a meal. Our cooks have carried the title of chef,and have more than a hundred and twenty years experience  between them. The homeless active participate in every aspect of our meals as prep cooks, servers, and dishwashers, and some have gained employment from the experience they have gained in our meals. We are proudly by the homeless for the homeless, but we invite everybody to our meals. Check us out sometime, and prepare to be amazed!



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