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We’ve been dormant for awhile. It seems that the people who do this work don’t make any money and so we have to make tents and go to jail, and eat crow, courtesy of the the powers that be.

I am personally broke. I write my blog when I can, and catch my breath when I can’t.

You have to think that this is important work in order to undertake it. You have to believe that you can make a difference against all odds.

Otherwise, what sense does it make?

You know that the deck is stacked against you. You know that the powers give you lip service, and then go and do exactly what they want to do, which is more repression and criminalization of the homeless and the poor.

The Saint Petersburg Florida mayoral election brought lots of change, but little hope. The Conservative Republican mayor, was replaced by a Liberal Democrat.

No hope, no relief. The Democrat continues to maintain the repressive human rights violations against the homeless.

The new mayor even retained the same City Attorney that is pursuing the defense of the city in all lawsuits brought in behalf of the homeless.

The number of building projects for housing developments have increased, but these are houses for the the upper income. The poor find their housing in jail.

When asked by the Tampa Bay Tribune about the fact(incidentally I brought it up),that St Petersburg was featured in a UN report about torture and criminalization, presented in Geneva, Switzerland, the current Liberal administration said that the report was yesterday’s news.

Tampa Bay Tribute Oct 30 2014


Racism and the police shootings of unarmed Black men is Yesterday’s news, but these actions continue unabated.

Even though criminalization might be old news, these policies are rampantly be carried by Law Enforcement as we speak.

My bad news for Mayor Rick Kriseman that the Geneva Presentation happened during his first hundred days in office,in March, I believe.

If you  Democrats want to pursue the same policies as the Republicans, we will pursue the strategies, and the same editorial indignation that we brought against the Republicans.

Will make our tents, will be broke, and we will seek justice all the time, in all of the ways,in this world and the next. Welcome Back!

Bless all of you, and let’s hope that the second go round is greater than the first. Oh. When my “friends “ hit me, I try to knock them out too.

Read the UN Report, presented by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty.

St Petersburg mentioned on pages 3-4


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